The arts & Spanish
in Buenos Aires 

| Argentina

Cultural Discovery

Explore the Visual arts in Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, is the ideal place to engage in a variety of art forms. This program focuses on photography and printmaking with interactions with local artists. It is a combination of artistic workshops in these mediums complemented by Spanish classes designed to enhance the studio experience. Discover the city as you capture it with your camera. Try your hand at woodcut printmaking as you practice a centuries-old tradition. This Arcos journey is designed to promote creativity versus technical expertise. Bring a desire to learn, create, and engage and let Arcos take care of the rest!

Dates & Prices

jun 29 - Jul 12 (14 days) $3,595

Program at a Glance

Ages: 14 - 18

Minimum Group Size: 4 students
Maximum Group Size: 10 students
Focus: Drawing, painting, printmaking
Language: Ideally students have some Spanish skills prior to starting the program, but exceptions can be made.
Level of Spanish: A basic level of Spanish is recommended.
Accommodation: Homestay
Airport Code: EZE (Ezeiza International Airport)
Program Location: Buenos Aires

What's Included

Room & Board | Onsite Directors | Workshops | Tuition | Excursions | Cultural Activities |Airport Transfers | International Medical Insurance

Art Workshops & Descriptions


Week 1


Week 2

Buenos Aires is, and has been, a major artistic center, producing and attracting renowned painters and artists. It has a series of world-class selections of paintings, classic and modern, and has been influential in producing major stylistic innovations.

During the 1920’s and 1930’s a group of Buenos Aires artists called “artistas del pueblo” started using different printing techniques, especially xylography. They lived and worked in the former working class neighbourhood La Boca and their work is intimately linked to the social movements of the time. Wood cut printmaking was a relatively cheap way of producing art for the masses.

The aim of this workshop is to go back in time, understand this artistic movement, observe and discuss some artworks and then go out “into the field” (La Boca neighborhood, one of the major tourist attractions of Buenos Aires) to observe emblematic areas of this barrio, make sketches and drawings, bring them back to the art workshop and transfer them to wood, carve the wood, apply the printing paint, and print on paper.

The art workshop is located in La Boca and has all equipment necessary for making large-scale wood prints. The workshop is directed by a local artist, university professor and director of the atelier where the students will work. This program includes visits to parts of Buenos Aires and local museums. Students do not require previous artistic experience of any kind. Workshops are held during 4 days for 3 hours each.



typical day

Morning: Breakfast with your homestay and walk or take the subway to Spanish class.

Midday: Enjoy a snack at school (tea or maté) and lunch at a local café.

Afternoon: Artistic workshops and cultural activities.

Evening: Dinner at homestay, relax, and a good night's sleep.

Ateneo bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Colorful storefront in Caminto, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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