Cultural Activities

Arcos includes cultural activities in your study abroad program price! These are typically during the afternoons. Our carefully crafted cultural activities can include cooking classes, dance classes, culinary tours, and museum visits. You will find your confirmed cultural activities in the Program Calendar that you receive one month before your program start date. Below is a list of possible cultural activities for your program:

Welcome Event & Program Orientation

Your first full day in Buenos Aires we will introduce you to the main central neighborhoods of the city. This is a great way to get a sense of how the city is laid out and to get direction on how to travel from your homestay to school on the first day of classes. We will have a traditional Argentine lunch together while touring.

Welcome Event & Program Orientation in Argentina

Museum Visits (The Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires)

The Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires is dedicated to the preservation, dissemination, and integration of modern and contemporary Latin American art worldwide. Here you will find works from the most famous of Latin America's modern masters.

The Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires

Soccer Stadium Tour (Visit Boca Juniors "La Bombonera" Stadium)

Soccer, or fútbol, is a passion and way of life in Argentina. No experience would be complete without visiting their most famous stadium.

Students at a soccer game at La Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina

City Tour (Buenos Aires Bus Tour)

We will explore the bustling streets and grand avenues of the city and then visit the numerous historic neighborhoods. Buenos Aires vibrates with the history and energy brought by countless European immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. We will visit La Boca, with its brightly painted homes, and San Telmo; both neighborhoods founded by Italian immigrants. We will then cross over to La Recoleta and Barrio Norte, which boast a French aristocratic style. With its charming European character and delicate balance of the historic and modern, Buenos Aires' neighborhoods showcase the unique personality of Argentina.

The Obelisk in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Theater Visit (Teatro Colón Theater)

Visit the main opera house in Buenos Aires. The beautifully intricate Teatro Colón is considered to be the third best opera house in the world and acoustically is ranked as the fifth best concert venue in the world. Buenos Aires has a thriving theater culture, but theater in Argentina is also an important means of expression and is very popular amongst Argentines throughout the country, not only in the capital city.

Colón Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dance Class (Tango)

Learn about the epitome of Argentine cultural expression—the sensual tango. Take a dance class with local teachers and delve into the passion and art form that Argentine tango embodies.

Tango dance class

Tango Show & Performance

Experience the passion of a Tango performance, the essence of Argentine culture. Born in the port areas of Buenos Aires in the 1880s this dance has a long and colorful history. It incorporates influences from the many immigrant groups who came to Argentina. To watch an actual performance in the milongas, or dance halls, is unforgettable. The sensuality that the dance requires mixed with the concentration and intensity of the dancers leaves a lasting impression.

Tango show and performance in Argentina

Argentine Asado

Enjoy a typical Argentina asado, or barbeque. Experience this deeply-rooted Argentine tradition first-hand.

Argentine asado and a gaucho cooking

Argentine Maté Introduction & Lesson

Maté is a traditional natural tea drink enjoyed in some countries in South America, and was first discovered by the Guaraní people, who used it as a medicinal treatment. Maté is made by infusing dried leaves of yerba mate and pouring hot water over it. Many Argentines drink maté daily and enjoy this tradition as a social activity to share among friends and family.

Yerba mate in Argentina

Bike Tour of Puerto Madero & the Ecological Reserve

Explore the Ecological Reserve located on the shores of Rio de la Plata. This reserve is adjacent to Puerto Madero.

Students bike riding in the ecological reserve in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Walking Tour (La Boca)

Visit one of Buenos Aires' most iconic barrios, or neighborhoods, La Boca. It is famous for its brightly colored buildings and festive feel. La Boca retains a strong European flavor and is strongly influenced by its Italian immigrant roots.

Brightly painted buildings in La Boca

Walking Tour (La Recoleta Cemetery)

Recoleta is Buenos Aires' most famous cemetery where famous Argentines such as Eva Perón are buried. There are approximately 6,400 ornately decorated tombs, each one a work of art.

Recoleta cemetery

Walking Tour (Palermo Parks & Rosedal Gardens)

Palermo Parks are a treasure in the heart of Buenos Aires. Here we will explore the "estanque" or pond where you can rent paddle boats. The Rosedal Gardens are a prize for the eye with roses of all types. The park is the perfect place to relax on a day off.

Paddle boating in the Palermo Parks

Walking Tour (Palermo Soho)

Palermo Soho is one of Buenos Aires' most bohemian neighborhoods. Filled with fashion boutiques and cool cafés we will introduce you to one of the hippest spots in the city.

Historic architecture in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Walking Tour (San Telmo Antiques Fair)

Every Sunday an antiquities fair is held in the historic San Telmo neighborhood. You will find blocks and blocks of shops and stands. The whole street turns into a festival. This is one of our favorite introduction activities.

San Telmo Antiques Fair


Kayak in the San Isidro Nature Reserve north of Buenos Aires. Explore the inlets and hidden canals of the wetlands.

Kayaking in the Río Paraná, Argentina

Movie Night

Buenos Aires has a thriving film scene. This is an opportunity to watch an Argentine film in Spanish. Our preferred theater is Cine Gaumont.

Movie night

Museum Visit (Eva Perón)

Learn more about Eva Perón in a museum dedicated to her life and work through a true multimedia experience, including films, photographs, and personal items.

Eva Perón Museum

Museum Visit (Fine Arts Museum)

The National Museum of Fine Arts is the most important art museum in Argentina. Works by van Gogh, Renoir, and Monet are some of the most notable artists on display.

The National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Urban Archaeology (Historic Tunnels of San Telmo)

San Telmo Neighborhood Tunnels Tour, known as "Zanjón de Granados" allows you explore the many layers of San Telmo's past through an underground tour.

Historic Tunnels of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish Conversation Club (Maté Club)

Improve your Spanish language skills and connect with Argentines over maté by participating in Maté Club.

Conversation club in Argentina

Traditional Cooking Class (Argentine Empanadas)

Learn to make this delicious Argentine staple. We will have fun making empanadas and then enjoy an empanada tasting party.

Students at a traditional cooking class in Argentina