Why Arcos?

At our very core we at Arcos believe in the transformative power of study abroad and international education. We also understand how important it is to choose the right program and one that fits our participants' needs. All of us at Arcos studied abroad and it defined who we are today. We have never lost sight of that and it guides us in how we build and structure our programs. Now with decades of experience under our belts as international educators and guides we have a dearth of real-life experience to build off of that allows us to maneuver in an ever-changing world and to meet the evolving needs of our participants.

There are some key factors to keep in mind when deciding to enroll with Arcos Journeys Abroad:

Affordable Programming

  • Affordability is very important - especially these days. Please shop around - you will find, however, that we offer one of the most affordable, if not the most affordable, quality programs in the field.

  • No hidden fees. Unlike most programs, we do not have any application fees.

  • We design our programs to be as all-inclusive as possible. Once you are abroad with us you should have to spend very little personal money besides what you paid for the program.

Holistic Approach

  • Learning is not one-dimensional. It is not just about a classroom experience, for example. All of the parts of an Arcos Journeys Abroad program contribute to the whole. It's this holistic approach that makes our programs and our mission unique. That whole being the individual, the participant.

Personal Touch

  • We are known for our high-level of customer service and personal nature. We run a tight ship with a team who cares. This is something our clients understand from their very first interaction with us and that continues throughout their experience. It is a series of helping hands as we work with you to bridge that gap of knowledge and understanding from before the program begins to after you return home from the experience.

Incredible Directors

  • All of our directors are bilingual, bicultural and have extensive travel experience, most have graduate degrees.

  • We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support to both our participants onsite and to their families back home in the US.

  • Our directors have a reputation for going above-and-beyond.

  • Our directors care about your well-being and daily experience and are always doing their very best to make your experience a unique and special one. You are not just a number with Arcos, but part of a family!

  • We are dynamic. Our directors plan different activities based on the personality of the group. We listen to our participants.

Quality Programming

  • We have carefully partnered with the best overseas vendors and academic partners possible. We have relationships with our providers on the ground that go back to 2006. They are very understanding of the needs and requirements our participants have and together we work towards program success.