What's Included

All Program Types

Pre-Departure Advising

During the exploration phase of researching and planning your study abroad experience our knowledgeable and friendly Administration & Advising team is here to answer any questions that you may have. Pre-departure advising covers questions about money exchange, health, and safety prior to departure.

International Medical Insurance

Comprehensive international medical insurance is available to all students enrolled in an Arcos program. Coverage is provided through International Student Insurance.

Program Orientation

When you arrive at your program destination, our onsite staff will provide you with an orientation. This will cover important topics such as health, safety, money exchange, housing, and cultural awareness.

Airport Transfers

Ground transportation to and from the program city is included on your established Program dates. Arcos arranges your airport pickup and transportation to your housing. On the last day of the program you will be provided transportation back to the airport. 

Program Packet & Packing List

Four weeks prior to the start of your program you will receive a program packet with information about your program directors, airport arrival details, and the itinerary for the first days of the program.  You will also receive a suggested packing list. You will want to pay attention to what the local climate is like and what excursions and cultural activities we have planned for you. 

Reception & Farewell Activity

Each program begins with an orientation and welcome activity to get to know everyone on the program. Upon completion of the program we host a farewell activity to say goodbye and reflect on the memories made during your Arcos  experience.


Excursions are a fundamental part of the Arcos experience. They are led by our Arcos directors and include transportation, guide, and entrance fees.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are selected to deepen your understanding and connection with the country and people of your program destination. Arcos strives to support local, sustainable, and socially-conscious organizations and individuals, while providing an authentic, memorable, and hands-on experience for our participants.


Housing is included in your program. Depending on the program you choose your housing would include homestay, hotels, or guest houses. We carefully vet our housing vendors in order to provide a safe and comfortable experience. For homestay programs in Spain and Costa Rica laundry is included. For homestay programs, typically, two to three students are placed per homestay.


Most meals are included. These may be provided by a homestay or at a program restaurant. With advanced notice, we can accommodate special dietary requests.

Onsite Directors & Staff

The Arcos onsite program directors are enthusiastic, experienced, and dedicated to supporting and empowering each student as they explore the country, language, and culture. They organize and lead all activities and excursions, and serve as a knowledgeable resource for program, housing, health, and cultural questions. 

Specific to Spanish Immersion

Language Assessment

Each of our onsite academic partners provides a language assessment. Depending on the location, this may be done onsite, performed via an online assessment prior to your program start date or a mixture of both. This is done to ensure that you are placed in the classes that are the best fit for your Spanish-level and academic needs.

Learning Packets & Textbooks

Learning packets and/or textbooks are provided for your classes.

Specific to Cultural Discovery


All workshops (art, cooking, photography, etc.) are included as well as materials.


Talks and visits by professionals in their field of expertise.

Specific to Gap Year & Semester

University Tuition & Fees

Our program includes all tuition and fees at our partner universities. You will be registered as a full-time student and have access to all of the campus amenities and services. Classes are taught by local faculty. The Arcos team is available for pre-departure advising to help you choose the right classes for your credit needs, personal interests, and Spanish level.    


Tutoring can be arranged with Spanish professors for students who need or request it. Most tutoring is arranged at an hourly rate.

Volunteer & Community Service

Volunteering & Community service is a great way to give back to the local community, and also to practice your Spanish and meet locals. Each location is unique in what is available for Volunteer & Community Service. Often, options of this type are much more accessible during semester programs. Volunteer opportunities may include teaching English to children, working with the elderly or assisting in a food bank.

Language Exchange

At each location we provide opportunities for language exchange with native speakers. This is often through a local language exchange club.

Transcript Processing

After completing your academic program you are issued an official transcript. A PDF version is emailed to you for your files. One free official copy will be sent to the destination you indicate.

Visa Advising

For Arcos programs that are 90 days or less, you will travel with a Tourist Visa which is the stamp you receive in your passport upon entering the program country. If you are not a US citizen it is your responsibility to find out whether there are any special visa requirements or length of stay restrictions and assume any related fees

For programs that are 90 days or more in countries that require a Student Visa, such as Spain and Argentina, we will advise you on the visa process and assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation in order to apply for your Student Visa.

What's Not Included


You are responsible for purchasing your own round-trip airfare. Our advising team will provide guidance and suggestions when it comes time to book your flight.

Daily Transportation

Daily transportation costs (such as public transport) are not included in the program price.

Interim Period Housing (Gap Year programs)

Arcos students staying an Academic Year and not returning home between semesters are responsible for their interim housing should they decide to stay in-country. With advanced notice this can be arranged with our homestays for an additional daily fee.

Student Visa

For students participating in one of our programs that is over 90 days and requires a Student Visa you are responsible for any costs associated with obtaining the Student Visa.

Laundry (Argentina, Mexico)

It is not customary for homestays to include laundry service at the homestays in Argentina and Mexico. This is often the case for the homestay themselves. Instead, students use a local laundry service. Your homestay will indicate to you where the nearest laundry service is. If you drop it off in the morning it is usually ready for pickup by the afternoon. Laundry can cost $3 - $5 USD per load.

Dinner on Saturdays (Argentina)

Dinner is not provided by the homestays on Saturdays. The only exception is if your arrival day is Saturday dinner is provided that evening.