Summer Journeys

Program Types

We offer three Program Types for our participants to choose from. All Arcos Journeys Abroad programs share commonalities such as cultural activities, excursions, and contact and immersion with the host country culture and language. However, the main focus of any selected program is the Program Type it falls under. Under a Program Type at least 50% of the time is dedicated to the theme of the program. All activities and other components assist, enhance, and prepare for that. All parts support the central focus.

Animal Rescue Center in Costa Rica

These programs center around movement. Programs under this Program Type focus on outdoor activities (such as hiking, zip lining, surfing) and sports (such as soccer).

Alebrije painting workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico

These programs center around exploring and experiencing culture in different ways. Programs under this Program Type focus on the arts (painting, printmaking, stencil), culinary arts (cooking classes, food tastings), and cultural exploration (community service, learning about different aspects of a country and its people).

Students at the Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain

These programs center around Spanish immersion. Programs under this Program Type focus on learning Spanish through morning language classes and afternoons full of engaging and fun cultural activities. We complement our learning with weekend excursions to experience the highlights of the country. Everything is geared toward the fun of learning Spanish and about the Spanish-speaking peoples and cultures. Programs are for all language levels!