Travel protection plans

For those participants and families concerned about an unforeseeable situation prior to the program, and who want to minimize any emotional or financial strain this could cause, we offer optional Travel Protection Plans provided through A+ Program Protection. Please note that a Travel Protection plan differs from International Medical Insurance coverage, which is included for all Arcos participants.

We understand that unforeseen situations may arise that make participation in your Arcos program not possible. This could be due to medical or family emergencies or any other situation. Enrolling in a Travel Protection Plan allows you to cancel your program if circumstances such as these arise where you are unable to participate, or no longer feel that you can go abroad. 

There are two A+ Program Plans available for you to choose from:
1. Preferred Plan 550
2. Preferred Plus Plan 550C

Preferred Plan 550

Preferred Plus Plan 550C*

Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) is only available if purchased within 21 days of the initial trip deposit or payment. CFAR coverage is not available if Arcos cancels the program for any reason. This type of insurance is used for any event that a participant cancels their program in advance of the start date.

*Cancel For Any Reason through A+ is not available to residents of New York state. If you are a resident of New York state we recommend this group for CFAR: 

To purchase coverage please follow this link:  

If you have any questions regarding a Trip Protection Plan, please call our Trip Protection Plan agent, TravMark, at 877-500-1556.