The onsite directors will be your program leader and are there to lead and guide you during your Arcos Journeys experience. Our programs also have assistant directors that help manage the programs, especially during the excursions and cultural activities. Onsite directors are usually host-country nationals with cross-cultural experience. All of our directors have experience working with groups and have international experience (travel and work) and many studied abroad themselves as students.

César VelAsquez

Resident Director

César Velasquez was born in Callao, the first harbor in Peru and the most important in South America. He studied Economy at the USMP University, and also studied English in the TRANSLEX Institute in Lima. He is very proud of his country and culture and that's why his passions include leading study abroad programs and sharing his country’s mysteries and wonders. César has many years of experience as an onsite director for US universities and study abroad programs in Peru. He also loves to be involved in volunteer activities to help the local community; both individually and in teams. He is passionate about supporting causes that are important to building a more just and equitable society. César looks forward to assisting you on your study abroad experience in Peru!

Cesar Velasquez