Gap Year & Semester

Are you ready to step through the arch?

We provide Gap Year and Semester programs for participants eager for a growth experience and life-changing opportunities before going off to college or wherever their path may lead them next. College admissions and employers look very highly on Gap Year participants. It shows you were willing to take a road less traveled and step outside of your comfort zone at an early age.

Our programs are the perfect segway before deciding what to study in college or even where to study. Our Gap Year and Semester programs are the bridge between Arcos Journeys Abroad (our high school division) and Arcos Learning Abroad (our university division). Participants enrolled in a Gap experience will form part of our Arcos Learning Abroad college semester groups. Gap students can enroll for an academic year, a semester, or for short term dates. You can even combine session dates between different countries in order to have a broader experience. All programs provide a transcript and college credit for the coursework taken. Where will your Arcos journey take you?

Explore the Arcos Gap Year and Semester options
through our program destinations below:

Argentine gaucho on horseback

Study abroad in the Paris of South America! A world-class cosmopolitan city with everything to offer and a country of vast landscapes and rich culture.

Calle Alcalá pedestrian street with colonial buildings

Nestle down in the culinary and artistic hub of Mexico. Located in the highlands of Oaxaca state and surrounded by mountain ranges and pre-Hispanic ruins Oaxaca is a place apart.

Sloth in Costa Rica

Ready for a life adjustment? Costa Rica ranks as the happiest country on the planet. Study in the colonial city of Heredia and be perfectly positioned to explore all the country has to offer.

The Alhambra palace at sunset with the Sierra Nevada mountains in the background

Set deep in southern Spain, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and only minutes from the tropical coast, Granada has it all. Study at a 500 year old university and experience the intrigue of this fascinating city.