Ancestral Flavors:
a Oaxacan Culinary Journey

| Mexico

Cultural Discovery

A fun and immersive experience into the world of Oaxaca's culinary arts!

Travel to the epicenter of Mexican cooking and cuisine: Oaxaca! Delve into the fun and the culinary history of the region. This program revolves around pre-Hispanic gastronomy and cooking techniques that are still alive and in-use today. Learn about the rituals of the kitchen, visit together as a group the vibrant open-air markets and gain an insight into the art of selecting fresh ingredients to prepare and enjoy traditional dishes. Prior Spanish knowledge is not necessary for this program since the very nature of the workshops is an excellent introductory course to the language and a great way to learn it while having fun.

Dates & Prices

Jul 01 - Jul 15 (15 days) $2,295

Program at a Glance

Ages: 14 - 18
Minimum Group Size: 4 participants

Maximum Group Size: 10 participants
Focus: Cooking, culinary arts
Level of Spanish: A basic level of Spanish is recommended
Accommodation: Homestay
Airport Code: OAX (Xoxocotlán International Airport)
Program Location: Oaxaca City

What's Included

Room & Board | Onsite Directors | Cooking Classes | Excursions | Cultural Activities | Airport Transfers | International Medical Insurance


  • Interact with market vendors to familiarize yourself with the local ingredients.

  • Visits to neighboring indigenous communities to discover ancestral cooking techniques and secrets.

  • Afternoon cultural activities to have fun while exploring the best of Oaxaca.

  • Weekend excursions to Monte Alban ruins, Hierve el Agua mountain springs, and Teotitlan Village.

Indigenous cooking workshop


  • Airport transfers (OAX) by a program director.

  • Two participants are normally placed per home. All houses have WiFi. Careful selection of the homestay to match your interests and preferences.

  • Homemade meals prepared by your homestay in order to further experience Oaxacan cuisine and cooking traditions.

  • Morning cooking classes and workshops.

  • Meet with local chefs and restaurant owners to gain insight into the professional side of the culinary arts.

  • Visit the major food markets of Oaxaca. Select produce and ingredients at the daily markets to be used in your cooking classes.

  • Travel to indigenous communities to learn about their cooking traditions and the rituals underlying them.

  • Visit an indigenous community, where diabetes and childhood obesity or major problems, to help prepare healthy snacks for the school children. Learn about the challenges of modern day junk food consumption vs. the return to traditional foods and ingredients into the diet.

  • Emphasis on corn and its central role in the Mexican diet.

  • Enjoy a delicious traditional farewell dinner at the end of the program.

typical day

Food stall in a Oaxacan market

Morning: Breakfast with your homestay and walk to your cooking class.

Midday: Enjoy lunch and siesta at your homestay.

Afternoon: Cultural activities and leisure time.

Evening: Dinner at homestay, relax, and a good night's sleep.

Students having lunch at a Oaxacan market
Indigenous women in Oaxaca, Mexico
Hierve el Agua springs in Oaxaca, Mexico

Attend two or more Programs For a 5% discount