The onsite directors will be your program leader and are there to lead and guide you during your Arcos Journeys experience. Our programs also have assistant directors that help manage the programs, especially during the excursions and cultural activities. Onsite directors are usually host-country nationals with cross-cultural experience. All of our directors have experience working with groups and have international experience (travel and work) and many studied abroad themselves as students. 

Raúl de la Mano

Resident Director

Raúl is a native of Buenos Aires, known as a porteño. His greatest passion is sharing his hometown with others. He is certified by the Cervantes Institute as a Spanish professor (ELE). He has been a Resident Director for study abroad programs since 2010. Raul is a professional guide and has worked in tourism for most of his life. In order to always give his best as a guide, he continually takes courses offered at the important points of interest in Buenos Aires and the various tour guide organizations. He loves learning all he can about the history and culture of Buenos Aires in order to share it with his students! Raúl has an interest in languages and has studied English for many years, so he is more than prepared to help students and parents if English is needed. He also speaks Italian and French. Raúl has a great interest in art and photography and takes courses to improve his skills as an art critic and guide. Knowing the city like he does, he has amazing locations to practice his photography. Before working in study abroad, Raúl worked for five-star hotels, as well as small luxury hotels in the city to provide guide services for guests. He also leads volunteer programs for international organizations working as a guide and interpreter. Additionally, he assisted the Lion’s Club for different events and trips they took to Argentina. He also accompanied a group of ophthalmologists from the US who visited Argentina for volunteer work. In January 2010 he was the coordinator for Lion’s Club International’s visit to Buenos Aires while on their trip through Argentina. This was part of the Lion’s Club Forum of Latin America and the Caribbean. He did similar work with students from Aruba who came to perform internships in elementary education. Raúl is married and he and his wife, Mónica (or “Moni), have three children: Rodrigo, Rocio and Sol. Raúl is definitely one of the most energetic and friendly people you will ever meet. 

Raul de la Mano

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams is a native of Buenos Aires province. He comes from a family of English descent and studied at a bilingual school for all of his elementary and high school years. His time spent studying English in school combined with travel to English-speaking countries has given him the ability to communicate fluently in English. Kevin has a passion for working in Tourism and has worked in the field since he was 19 years old. He has a degree in Tourism from Ott College in Buenos Aires. He also obtained a degree in Human Resources from Ott College and completed a General Tourism Coordinator program while there as well. He has worked abroad in the hotel industry in Brazil and Ecuador and has worked for various tour agencies in Buenos Aires. Kevin has also completed First Aid training, a skill that is very useful in his field of interest and working with students. In his free time Kevin enjoys gardening, fishing, playing soccer, playing the guitar, and spending time with his friends and girlfriend. Kevin describes himself as “creative, passionate with tourists, patient, organized, and responsible."

Kevin Williams

Beatriz Barragán

Beatriz Barragán is a native porteña (someone from Buenos Aires). She has worked in tourism since she was 18 years old. This pursuit comes through a natural love of working with people and sharing her beautiful city with others. She graduated with her degree in Tourism from the Universidad de Salvador. Beatriz also loves languages! She has studied English, French, and Portuguese and possesses a high skill level in all three. Speaking multiple languages has helped her excel in her work with tourism. Beatriz is currently studying to become a Spanish teacher for foreign students (DELE). Beatriz is also a mother and has a lovely family. Through her love of languages and travel she has made it a point to visit many countries in Europe. She and her husband Alejandro have a daughter, Agustina. Other interests of Beatriz are art and philosophy. She is especially drawn to Eastern philosophy. In her free time, she loves attending lectures on different topics and enjoys European cinema. For exercise, and as a form of relaxation, she enjoys long walks. Beatriz has an immense knowledge of Buenos Aires and Argentine culture.

Beatriz Barragan