Medical Insurance

Comprehensive international medical insurance is available to all participants enrolled in an Arcos Journeys Abroad program. Coverage is provided through International Student Insurance (ISI). The policy is managed and underwritten by Cigna Global and covers qualified medical expenses during the official program dates. Participants are enrolled in the insurance plan two weeks prior to their program start date.

The policy includes:

Insurance Plan Benefits

The Cigna Global policy covers participants for unexpected injuries and illness that may occur while studying or traveling outside their country of residence.

Using Your Own Medical Insurance Policy

Often families prefer to use their existing insurance for overseas coverage. Before making that decision we ask that you call your provider to confirm if you are covered internationally and in what capacity. Provide your insurance company the exact dates of the program in which you are enrolled. If decide to use your existing policy you will need to get the details from your insurance provider and provide a copy to us.

Additional Days of Insurance Coverage

If you plan to extend your time abroad outside of your official Arcos Journeys Abroad program dates, and would like international medical insurance coverage for those additional days, please contact us. We can extend your policy dates at an additional cost per day. This amount will be added to your program invoice.