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& Mexican Culture

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Spanish Immersion

Travel to the colonial city of Oaxaca for a TRUe immersion experience!

Set in the highlands of Oaxaca state and surrounded by the lush Sierra Norte mountains, Oaxaca is the culinary and artistic center of Mexico. Take classes at the prestigious University of Oaxaca. All levels of Spanish and elective classes such as Mexican Civilization & Culture are available. With a communicative approach in mind, expect a lot of conversation practice and emphasis placed on learning about the many facets of the fascinating local cultures. With Arcos Journeys you will greatly improve your command of Spanish and your knowledge of Mexico!

Students posing in front of a fountain in Oaxaca, Mexico

Program at a Glance

Ages: 14 - 18
Maximum Group Size: 20 students
Focus: Language & Cultural Immersion
Level of Spanish: All levels
Accommodation: Homestay
Airport Code: OAX (Xoxocotlán International Airport)
Program Location: Oaxaca City

What's Included

Room & Board | Tuition | Onsite Directors | Excursions | Cultural Activities | Airport Transfers | International Medical Insurance

Summer Classes & Descriptions


  • Spanish classes weekday mornings at the University of Oaxaca.

  • Cultural activities to experience the very best of Oaxaca.

  • Volunteer activities to practice your Spanish.

  • Excursions to as Monte Alban ruins, Hierve el Agua mountain springs, and Teotitlán Village.

  • Stay for the four week July program and travel to the Pacific Coast!

Indigenous women with baskets in Oaxaca, Mexico


  • Airport transfers (OAX) by a program director.

  • Careful selection of homestays to match your interests and preferences. Homestays live conveniently within 15 minutes walking distance from school. Two students are normally placed per home. All houses have WiFi.

  • Meals prepared by your host in order to further experience Oaxacan cuisine and cooking traditions.

  • Take Spanish classes at the prestigious University of Oaxaca and earn a university transcript.

  • Engaging program activities to enhance learning about the culture of Mexico.

  • Afternoon activities include a cooking class, art workshop, city tours, visits to local museums, and sports.

  • Weekly language exchange activity with high school students at the University of Oaxaca preparatory school.

  • On the weekends visit the highlights of Oaxaca state. The Oaxaca area has many neighboring indigenous villages, pre-Hispanic ruins and places of natural beauty and history.

typical day

Students jumping in front of a street mural in Oaxaca

Morning: Breakfast and walk to class.

Midday: Lunch and siesta at your homestay.

Afternoon: Cultural activities and leisure time.

Evening: Dinner at homestay, relax, and a good night's sleep.





Jun 05 - Jun 26

22 days

Summer I


Jun 12 - Jun 26

15 days

Summer I


Jun 26 - Jul 10

15 days

Summer II


Jun 26 - Jul 24

29 days

Summer II


Jul 10 - Jul 24

15 days

Summer III


Jul 24 - Aug 07

15 days

Summer III


Jul 24 - Aug 14

22 days

Summer III


Students visiting a traditional weaving workshop in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico
Calenda parade in the streets of Oaxaca, Mexico
Students hiking at Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca, Mexico