Cultural Activities

Arcos includes cultural activities in your study abroad program price! These are typically during the afternoons. Our carefully crafted cultural activities can include cooking classes, dance classes, culinary tours, and nature hikes. You will find your confirmed cultural activities in the Program Calendar that you receive one month before your program start date. Below is a list of possible cultural activities for your program:

Welcome Activity & Program Orientation

Meet at the language school for your program orientation. We'll do introductions and enjoy welcome refreshments before heading to Atenas centro and learning your way around town with your program director.

Costa Rican flag

Indigenous Mask Making Workshop

Make your very own indigenous mask out of clay in this fun and interactive art workshop.

Student at an indigenous mask making workshop

San José City Tour

Explore the vibrant historic center of San José! We will visit the plazas, the churches, and learn about the historical aspects of the city, which has so much to tell.

San Jose, Costa Rica sign


Get some great exercise while we play afternoon pickup games.

Teenagers playing soccer in Costa Rica

Latin Dance Class

Learn how to dance popular Latin styles such as salsa, merengue, bachata, and Costa Rica's typical "swing criollo" form of cumbia with our expert instructors.

Costa Rica has a rich tradition of Caribbean dances. It is considered by many to be the best site to learn about salsa and merengue. Learning about these dances will greatly increase your experience at any Costa Rican gathering!

Latin dance class in Costa Rica

Museum Visits

Costa Rica has many good museums, in particular those dedicated to Costa Rica's unique culture and traditions. There are also great museums and parks dedicated to its immense biodiversity. During the San José City Tour you will visit the impressive National Museum which depicts Costa Rica's Pre-Hispanic past and describes the country's history since the arrival of the Spanish. You'll find many impressive gold, silver, and jade artifacts dating from before the Spanish conquest. This museum is fascinating because it was a former military barracks and is riddled with bullet holes from Costa Rica's revolution in 1948.

Students touring San José, Costa Rica

Wildlife Rescue Center

Learn about wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Costa Rica and the unique species that call the country home.

Sloth at a Wildlife Rescue Center in Costa Rica

Traditional Costa Rican Cooking Class

Learning to cook traditional dishes while abroad is the best way to take something back from your experience. You will learn how to prepare important Costa Rican dishes such as Gallo Pinto, the national dish. Other recipes include tamales and empanadas. The classes are completely hands-on and are one of our most popular cultural activities!

Traditional Costa Rican cooking class

Traditional Costa Rican Baking Class

Costa Rica is home to many traditional pastries that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Get your hands in the dough and learn how to make home-made spiced bread rolls, cheese sticks, cangrejos (a croissant-shaped cheese-filled pastry) and sweet empanadas with your choice of filling including guayaba, pineapple, or dulce de leche (caramel). Then enjoy your treats fresh from the oven with fresh coffee or fruit juice!

Traditional Costa Rican baking class

Farewell Activity (Pool Day & BBQ)

Say goodbye to new friends and wrap up the program while enjoying an afternoon at the local pool and barbecuing for lunch.

Students drinking coconut water in Costa Rica

Coffee Tour


Costa Rica grows some of the best quality coffee in the world! Learn how your cup of joe is grown, harvested, and roasted - tasting included!

Coffee plant in Costa Rica